Dance House
The Lobster Jumps over the Brook
Species of Nooks
(and other Niches)
A Library of Sound and Image
Seven Worlds and the Mimetic Turn
How to Clothe a Naked City
Architectures of a Discrepant Landscape
Je Suis Une Flâneuse
The Story of a Coat and its Girl
A Laundry Tower
Nine Stories of the Pabst Hotel
A School of Fashion
The Klein Studio and The Architecture of the Mannequin
A Room in which to Dress
A Projected Room / a Projection Looms
Edinburgh Futures Institute
Work on large scale new build and retrofit in Edinburgh by Bennetts Associates
The Cabin
A survey and proposed options for reconfiguring a small cabin in the Highlands of Scotland
Lady Janet's Garden Room
Proposal for an indoor space enabling a beautiful garden to be enjoyed year-round.
Craig Lodge
Survey and proposed alterations to the interior of an old Highland Hunting Lodge.
WAC Arts
Work on refurbishment of listed building in London by Ash Sakula Architects
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